How to Tie our Signature Sash

The Waist YOU Want with Anna Louise @DesignedbyDixon

When Anna Louise first received our Spring 2022 line and filmed a reel for Instagram I noticed that she would say "the waist you want" on each video.  This solidified what I knew I needed to do, post a tutorial video produced by her!

In this video at the bottom of the page you will see how to tie our signature five inch sash in four distinct ways!  My personal favorite is the double wrapped waist or obi which gives you a very defined waistline and unique look.  When you pull the fabric to the back/middle of the dress it creates a pleated look that is very flattering on every shape. I have seen this tied on size 00 to a size 20 and it always works!

The NUMBER ONE secret to your most flattering tie no matter what...always place the sash just under your rib cage, above your natural waistline.  TRUST ME on this! 

1. Feminine Bow

2. Double Wrapped Waist

3. Cascading Single Loop

4. Square Knot