About Holly

The Signature Shell

I have been looking for treasures in both rocks and shells for as long as I can remember, being drawn to color and pattern in nature around me.   With a childhood spent in the country, I was always looking for unique stones or arrowheads and with frequent trips to the coast, beautiful shells and sand dollars. The love for design that my grandmother and mother had was definitely passed down to me!
I loved working at my mother’s art gallery in Shreveport, Louisiana as a teen and when I moved to Savannah for college, I worked again in a gallery, this one featuring renowned artist Ray Ellis.
In the early 2000’s I became a partner in Hansen Fine Art where we sold paintings to individuals and businesses and also did design consultation.  One of the houses that I remodeled won the Better Homes and Gardens Home Renovation House of the Year. 
It was during this time that we lived in South Georgia that I also began painting, taught by a local artist in Thomasville, Georgia. We spent a lot of the year in Savannah, and I was able to fine tune my style and find inspiration. My abstract landscapes were sold in a local gallery. I also began scouting artists and planning a charity arts festival in Thomasville.
One final move has taken us to the Atlanta area, but we spend all of our vacations and any free time along the coast of the Atlantic, from Hilton Head to St. Simons Island or St. Augustine...with frequent visits to the Gulf Coast. 
In 2020 I formed Holly Shae Design with just an oyster shell as inspiration.  This evolved from accessories and jewelry to linens and now the design of my clothing line.  My clothing, jewelry and accessories are inspired by the color, texture and wildlife of the marshes and ocean.  With my work now sold in nearly 100 boutiques and resorts throughout the US and Canada,  I hope you will find the same love of these things as I always have!   Enjoy!